Sausalito Artists Open Studios - Schoonmaker Building

Sausalito's Largest Art Source ... for Eclectic Art Works

Annual Events
Spring Event: Dates TBA  - 2015
Winter Event: Dates TBA

On the first weekend In May and the first weekend in December, the Schoonmaker Building  and its Community of Artists welcome visitors to experience the annual Artists Open Studios Events, which has been a Sausalito tradition for 40 + years.

The Schoonmaker Building, located at 10 Liberty Ship Way in Sausalito, is home base for a multitude of professional artists working in a wide variety of artistic genres and media; photography, portrait painting, landscape painting, video, watercolor, contemporary images, conceptual forms and more. It has fostered Sausalito's historic art scene for over twenty five years.

The high vaulted and spacious three bay building supplies ample natural light which is sought after by artists and makes an excellent venue for viewing professional works of art. Originally constructed to build Liberty Ships for the war effort in the Forties, it has now become a celebrated center for arts in Sausalito.

Take a tour of the interior of the building and a sampling of a typical artists studio click the access point Studios Photo Tour from below the site navigation on the left hand side.



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